Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Mandarin character lesson


A dual-language, academic Kindergarten program that welcomes capable Pre K students.

Our Pre K / K program provides an enriched academic curriculum that prepares students for literacy in both English and the target language. It is ideal for students seeking challenge and the ability to stretch beyond their age or grade level. 

Our cross-disciplinary approach not only solidifies content knowledge with synergies across languages, it is paramount to supporting the development of critical thinking, mental flexibility and creativity. 

Students receive dual-language exposure to Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies to enhance the integration of learning. Special subjects such as Art, Music, Technology and PE are taught in the target language, allowing for a rich use of vocabulary in a real-life context.  Our multi-age classrooms offer differentiated instruction and high levels of individualization so that every child is reached and supported. 

Spanish Classroom

  • * Whole child, dual-language Kindergarten program with an academic focus
  • * Classes meet daily
  • * Integrated target language curriculum (Language Arts, Math, Science, Culture, Music, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Technology taught in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish)
  • * Robust English curriculum to complement target language study

Grades 1-5

Our rigorous elementary school program develops students' cognitive reasoning, abstract thought, and full expression in both English and the target language.  

In Grades 1-5 we continue to build content knowledge in both languages through a challenging, inquiry-based curriculum. Our students' high levels of proficiency and aptitude in both English and the target language enable their immersion into authentic, culturally rich, and inspiring learning opportunities. 

Through this exposure, students develop more advanced cognitive reasoning, abstract thought, and mental flexibility to use language in multiple ways. Assessments and standardized testing in both English and the target language enable us to monitor and optimize the learning experience for each student.  

The impact of our unique learning environment is a transformative experience, fostering a global view of the world not possible in a monolingual school setting. We believe this powerful preparation enables our students to approach problems differently, and builds the confidence needed for them to "navigate the world" in their own way.

  • * Classes meet from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM daily
  • * Integrated target language curriculum (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies/Culture, Fine Arts, Music, Technology and Physical Education taught in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish )
  • * Rigorous English curriculum includes Language Arts, Social Studies/Culture, Science and Math to complement target language study

If your child cannot yet understand, read and write Spanish or Mandarin Chinese, and is ready for K or up, they can still attend our program.  How?

Students learning Mandarin Chinese or Spanish, from 1st to 4th grade, can join the school in order to take intensive classes. They are taken out of the regular Target Language class to receive small-group instruction. During that time, they have the opportunity to:

  • * Learn to speak, read and write in the target language
  • * Follow a Mandarin Chinese or Spanish curriculum
  • * Learn all about the target language culture
  • * All of this while continuing their studies in English
Monolingual students new to our program starting in grades 1-4 will usually need support in either Chinese or Spanish for one to two years in our elementary integration program, after which they will be fully transitioned in the mainstream immersion.